Dior Golden Pearl Earrings/ Dior金色珍珠耳环

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Color/颜色: Gold/金色

Condition/成色: SA


The condition of the product is evaluated by the following ranks.

We evaluate it accurately according to our standards, but since it is subjective, we kindly ask you to consider it carefully before ordering.

This is a second hand product. Please buy carefully if you are looking for perfection.







S Unused item. Items that are unused but have slight discoloration or scratches on display. 未使用的物品。未使用的物品,但由于存放原因有轻微的变色或划痕。
SA As good as new. It is a used item that has been used several times and is close to new.  与新产品一样好。 已使用过几次但接近全新的旧物品。
A Good condition with some scratches 良好状态,有轻微使用感和少许划痕。
AB There are some scratches, but overall it is in good condition. 有一些使用感和划痕,但总体处于良好状态。
B You can see the sense of use and scratches, but it is a product that can be used. 使用感明显,有明显的划痕但是不影响使用。
C a product that requires repair 需要维修的产品
Q antique goods 古董


Notice: Colors may differ from the actual product depending on the color of the monitor.



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